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"I want your photos to be a true reflection of you and your family, 
and make you love photography all over again. "

When Utah's top talent and modeling agencies want something special for their clients - images that capture genuine emotion and subtle nuance - they call Shaun.

Shaun brings this nuanced eye to his wedding photography - compelling photos that tell your story with truth and effortless beauty.



Weddings | Actor/Model Headshots

Shaun's Blog Posts 

"I know I could tell you about all the thousands of photos I have taken. I could tell you about years upon years I have spent behind a camera, or I could tell you about all the continuous hours of research I do each week to strengthen my craft. But I won’t. You can easily look at the images you see here on the site. My work speaks for itself. You either like it, or it’s not your taste. What I really want you to know about us, is our philosophy in photography and people:

It’s personal to me, and it is personal to you. In fact I can’t think of many things that are more personal than a photo session of you and your loved ones."

In addition to being on the ZumaPhoto team, Shaun also owns and runs Image by Shaun Anders which specializes in producing actor and modelling portfolios.

At 6' 5", Shaun has a commanding view of all of the action.